Foreign Ministry Institute for American Studies Issues Spox Statement on Nuclear Posture Review

Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in Kim Il Sung Square

The American Studies Institute of the DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a spokesman’s statement on February 6 (Tuesday) on the US Nuclear Posture Review.  The statement said

Recently, Trump administration released the so-called “Nuclear Posture Review” which has clearly exposed its heinous ambition to blackmail other sovereign states and dominate the world with nuclear weapons by speeding up modernization and diversification of all its nuclear lethal weapons for possible use at any moment.

The United States is the only country which developed nuclear weapons first in the world and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of civilians by using them. It is a nuclear criminal state which has huge stockpile of all kinds of nuclear lethal weapons and drives the world into an outbreak of nuclear war.

It has been the consistent policy of the previous US authorities to realize wild ambition for world domination by relying on absolute nuclear supremacy, and Trump administration is more frantic for its realization, as befits a faithful advocate of the US military monopolies.

The United States has stated through the Review that it will develop new nuclear weapons including low yield tactical nuclear warhead and carry out preemptive strike against adversaries whether the latter’s attack is nuclear or conventional, and thus, the US has made declaration of war against the whole world.

This clearly shows that Trump is seeking nuclear war.

Our state completed war deterrent in order to protect our sovereignty and rights to existence and development from the half-a-century-long nuclear threat of the US.  However, the US recklessly denounces our deterrent as a “threat” to world peace. This is a high manifestation of the thief turning on the master with a club.

The US is becoming all the more undisguised in its attempt to maintain its sphere of world domination by wantonly violating the international law, clinging to highhandedness and arbitrariness, and wildly brandishing its nuclear club. Today’s stern reality proves that we were absolutely right in having bolstered up the nuclear deterrent, braving through all difficulties, upholding the line of simultaneously developing the two fronts, and it further hardens our determination to resolutely continue the road we chose.

As a peace-loving and responsible nuclear power, the DPRK will not use nuclear weapons unless aggressive hostile forces infringe upon our sovereignty and interest and will not threaten any nation or region with nuclear weapons. However, we will strongly counter any acts of destroying peace and security of the Korean peninsula.

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