PPJ Visits Pukch’ang

Photo: KCNA/Rodong

Korean Workers Party [KWP] Vice Chairman Pak Pong Ju (Pak Pong-chu) conducted inspections of Pukch’ang Thermal Power Complex and the Namyang mine of the To’kch’o’n Area Coal Mining Complex.  He also visited houses under construction at Kwangch’o’n Chicken Farm.

The Pukch’ang power plant is “increasing the electricity production with great awareness that they are responsible for the lifeline of the national economy” in the midst of the 80-Day Campaign.  Pak Pong Ju toured the steel foundry and “stressed the need to solve the problems for completing the assembly line of the production process by holding collective discussion among scientists, technicians and workers to keep the production going at a high rate by increasing the production of fireproofing materials.”

PPJ, on his visit to the coal mine, “encouraged officials and technicians who made a breakthrough in increasing the production by raising the level of mechanization of carrying” and “underscored the need to keep facilities in full-capacity operation by giving definite precedence to tunneling and strengthening self-checking and self-repair in order to carry out the goal of increased production of the 80-Day Campaign.”

Consultative meetings were convened in situ and “discussed the problems arising in meticulously organizing operation and command for increasing electricity production, and in intensifying the study for manufacturing of parts by relying on our own raw materials and resources in relevant units and in pushing ahead with the coal production in a far-sighted way during the 80-day campaign.”  Measures were taken.

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