Samjiyo’n Hospital Opens

The Samjiyo’n City People’s Hospital opened on 15 October (Thursday).  Attending the ceremony opening the hospital were Korean Workers’ Party [KWP] Vice Chairman and KWP Propaganda and Agitation (Information and Publicity) Director Ri Il Hwan (Ri Il-hwan), Minister of Public Health O Chun Bok (O Chun-pok), KWP Science Education Department Director Choe Sang Gon, Yanggang KWP Provincial Committee Chairman Ri Thae Il (Ri T’ae-il), Yanggang Provincial People’s Committee Chairman Ri Song Guk (Ri So’ng-kuk), hospital employees, Party and people’s committee officials and Samjiyonians (citizens of Samjiyo’n).

According to state media, the hopital “perfectly embodied the healthcare and medical requirements and the Chuch’e-based idea on architectural beauty has full provisions of ultra-modern medical equipment and apparatuses in all sections, efficient tele-medical service systems and IT-based medical service for rapid and accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients.”

Ri Il Hwan speaks at an 15 October 2020 ceremony opening the hospital (Photo: KCNA).

Ri Il Hwan delivered a speech in which he said that the “hospital is a gift provided by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un (Kim Cho’ng-u’n) in order to make the people in Samjiyo’n City who are living and working in the home village of Chairman Kim Jong Il (Kim Cho’ng-il) lead a highly civilized life in good health with access to the most advanced medical care.”  Ri said that the hospital is “the icon of local people’s hospitals which has embodied the healthcare and medical requirements and the Chuch’e-based idea on architectural beauty.”

Overview of the Samjiyo’n City People’s Hospital which opened on 15 October 2020 (Photo: KCNA/Rodong Sinmun)

Ri called for “effecting a fundamental change in the work of all treatment and prevention agencies and anti-epidemic units to give fuller play to the advantages of the socialist healthcare system in our country” and “winning a proud victory in the 80-day campaign toward the 8th Congress of the WPK by making devoted service for our great Party and state which builds the best paradise for the people.”

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