KTH Visits Industrial Sites

(Photo: KCNA)

DPRK Premier Kim Tok Hun (Kim Tok-hun) visited coal mines and Kwangch’o’n Chicken Farm.  He also visited Pukch’ang Thermal Power Plant and the 8 February Jiktong Youth Coal Mine.

According to state media the colliers of the Chenam and Namdok coal mines “are further flaring up the flames of increased production in hearty response to the militant call of the Party upon the whole Party, the whole country and the entire people to vigorously conduct the 80-day campaign and brilliantly greet the Eighth Congress of the Party.”

Kim Tok Hun inspected the coal mines and “urged the officials to raise the carriage capacity as required by increased coal production, technically manage equipment as specified in relevant rules and put efforts into the supply work bor bettering the livelihood of colliers.”  He toured housing construction and “urged the units involve in the project to ensure quality in the building of every structure, as required by designs and construction methods” and he “underlined the need to step up land readjustment, road pavement and river improvement.”

Consultative meetings were convened which “urged officials to find themselves among the workers to solve their problems in time” and stressed “the need for the coal mines to speed up capital tunneling and preparatory tunneling in order to secure a reserve cutting face.”  The meeting also “discussed practical matters for completing the construction of dwelling houses as early as possible.”

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