The SPA Standing Committee holds plenum

SPA Standing Committee Choe Ryong Hae speaks during the committee’s 4 March 2021 plenary meeting in Pyongyang. Also in attendance, at the right, is SPA Standing Committee Vice President Thae Hyong Chol (Photo: Minju Joson/KCNA).

The Supreme People’s Assembly Standing Committee (f.k.a the SPA Presidium) held its 13th plenum on 4 March (Wednesday) at Mansudae Assembly Hall.  Attending the meeting were SPA President Choe Ryong Hae (Ch’oe Ryong-hae), SPA Vice Presidents Thae Hyong Chol (T’ae Hyo’ng-ch’o’l) and Pak Yong Il (Pak Yo’ng-il), SPA Secretary-General Ko Kil Son (Ko Kil-son), other SPA Standing Committee members and officials of the DPRK Cabinet.

The SPA Standing Committee plenary meeting discussed social security policies and a readjustment of DPRK healthcare policy, laws on disinfecting North Korean imports from foreign countries and listened to reports about land usage and development (ie “master plans”).

According to state media the DPRK’s “law on social insurance and social security that carries 90 provisions calls for protecting the people’s health and providing them with stable and happy living conditions, and specifies in detail the accumulation and expenditure of social insurance money, the organization, operation and duty of social insurance organ, etc.”  The legislation “also deals with principled matters arising in the observation and execution of the law, including procedures for social security, organization and operation of social security organ, preferential treatment for meritorious persons and guidance and control over the work of social insurance and social security.”

The standing committee also took up the “law on disinfection of imports stipulates the matters arising in defending the security of the state and reliably protecting the people’s life by strictly establishing the system and order of disinfecting imports at border-passing spots, and the contents of due penalty for violating the proceedings, method and order of disinfection of imports and others.”

The SPA Standing Committee approved four decrees: “DPRK Law on Social Insurance and Social Security,” “DPRK Law on Disinfection of Imports,” “National Economic Development Plan for the DPRK fof Chuch’e 110,” and “On Approving the Master Plan for Land Development in the East Coastal Area.”

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