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KCNA disseminated an article by Ku Yong Chol (Ku Yo’ng-ch’o’l), of the DPRK Foreign Ministry’s Institute for Disarmament and Peace on Saturday (4 March).  Ku wrote:

The international community is deeply concerned about the reality in which the global strategic stability is seriously being destroyed due to the current accelerated decay of the international disarmament system.

As regards the recently suspended implementation of START-3 (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty), the only nuclear disarmament treaty, the US and other Western countries are running high fever in blaming someone.

The arch criminal who brought the crisis of collapse of the present international disarmament system is none other than the US and its followers.

The treaty concluded in 2010 is a major pillar of the international disarmament system stipulating the need to limit the amount of strategic nuclear warheads and delivery means deployed for action by Russia and the US and verify their implementation through the mutual inspection of military bases.

Only 3 years ago, the US refused to extend the treaty, terming START-3 a “wrong agreement” and “bad deal” that constrains its national power. It made a decision to extend the treaty just before its expiration, but this was prompted by its black-hearted intention to restrict Russia’s strategic nuclear force in a verifiable way.

The crime of the US which has systematically ruined the international disarmament system is well evidenced by its past 20-odd years’ doings.

In 2002, the US unilaterally withdrew from the ABM Treaty for the purpose of holding a strategic edge over other nuclear powers through the establishment of missile defense system. In 2019 it unhesitatingly scrapped the INF Treaty, thus opening up a prelude to new nuclear arms race.

It is well known that in 2020, the US unilaterally quit the Treaty on Open Skies concluded between NATO and member states of the former Warsaw Treaty Organization for the purpose of getting NATO allies more deeply involved under the US security umbrella by inciting their hostility towards Russia.

It is none other than the US which dares break the international disarmament system without hesitation in order to meet its interests unjustifiable while talking about the establishment of “international order based on rules.”

The reckless arms buildup of the US and its allies who are escalating the regional situation in a bid to secure their hegemonic position is most vividly revealed on the Korean Peninsula, a hotspot in the world.

The US is frequently deploying nuclear strategic strike means including nuclear submarine and strategic bomber in the area of south Korea while calling for the “offer of extended deterrence” against the DPRK. Meanwhile, it, together with south Korea and Japan, is staging war drills of clear aggressive nature such as “a drill for operating extended deterrence means” and missile defense exercises under all sorts of pretexts.

It is zealously instigating the grave arms buildup of south Korea and Japan under the pretext of implementing the Indo-Pacific strategy aimed at maintaining its regional military strategic hegemony, and is scheming in every way to convert the military balance in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia in favor of the US-led alliance system.

South Korea’s development and introduction of “high-performance ballistic missile”, launch of military surveillance satellite, attempted possession of a nuclear submarine and the introduction of Tomahawk cruise missile and development of hypersonic missile by Japan, which formulated the securing of “capability of attacking enemy base”, show that the US and its vassal forces’ moves for arms buildup are crossing the red line.

This being a hard fact, the US and its followers are going to justify their arms buildup, pulling up the DPRK for no ground over the bolstering of its military capability for self-defense.

The U.S. resorting to the expansion of the military alliance system for aggression and unlimited arms buildup while terming the buildup of self-defense capability of independent sovereign states a threat to world peace and stability is, indeed, a serious threat to the worldwide disarmament system, peace and stability.

The reality goes to prove that as long as the US’ high-handed and arbitrary practices are not eradicated, the genuine disarmament and the building of a peaceful world can never be realized and the world will face more serious uneasiness and confusion.

The Korean Peninsula has turned into the world’s biggest powder magazine and war drill site owing to the US and its vassal forces’ moves for military expansion.

The DPRK’s nuclear deterrent serves as a powerful physical guarantee for ensuring the balance of force in the region and preventing the outbreak of a new war, under the present situation in which the international disarmament system has get unsubstantial and the danger of armed conflict is increasing on the Korean Peninsula due to the unilateral arms buildup of the US and its allies.

To bolster up the nuclear forces of the DPRK is the surest way for reliably containing the all-round military threats caused by the huge overseas aggression forces of the US deployed in the Asia-Pacific region and its moves for coordinating a new military posture and the intemperate armaments expansion and arms buildup of the US allies including south Korea and Japan.

To possess the nuclear combat strength capable of effectively coping with any arms buildup of the US and its allies, which are squandering an astronomical amount of military expenditure, is the best way for ensuring the maximum military deterrence at the minimum cost.

The DPRK’s line of bolstering up the nuclear forces is the most proper measure for substantially guaranteeing peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula and the region to cope with the reckless arms race by the US and its followers.

The US can never evade the blame for wrecking the global peace and security and bringing down the international disarmament system.

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