SLCM Launched near Sinp’o

(Photo: KCNA)

The DPRK fired off submarine-launched cruise missiles during the morning of 12 March (Sunday) from Kyo’ngp’o Bay near Sinp’o, South Hamgyo’ng.  DPRK state media reported that the cruise missile drill used the tester submarine 8.24 Yo’ngung.

According to KCNA the missile drill “confirmed the reliability of the weapon system and examined the underwater-to-surface offensive operations of submarine units that constitute ones of other major forces of the DPRK nuclear deterrent.”  The cruise missiles “precisely hit the preset target on the East Sea of Korea” and the Workers’ Party of Korea [WPK] Central Military Commission “expressed the invariable stand of the Korean People’s Army on persistently controlling the present situation in which the US imperialists and the south Korean puppet forces are getting evermore undisguised in their anti-DPRK military maneuvers by dint of overwhelming powerful forces and verified the current operation posture of the nuclear war deterrence means in different spaces.”

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