Artillery Company Drills Medium Rang Missiles

The Korean People’s Army [KPA]’s 11th fire assault company participated in a training drill in Changyo’n County, South Hwanghae on 14 March (Tuesday).  The drill involved launching two ground-to-ground missiles, identified as the DPRK’s version of the KN-23, which landed off the coast of Ch’o’ngjin, North Hamgyo’ng.  According to DPRK state media the drill was intended to teach various elements of a missile unit based near the IV Army Corps in the KPA’s southwestern command zone.

The unit commander said that “they will surely annihilate the enemy if they fight it” and he “resolved to thoroughly have the ability to carry out its duty of fire assault any time by further intensifying the training of every fire assault company, true to the Party’s policy on effecting a revolution in the training.”

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