Glyn Ford

Glyn Ford is an Associate, East Asia Policy Senior Advisor, at g+europe. Glyn brings to g+ a wealth of experience in the European Parliament. He was a Member of the European Parliament for over 25 years, until the June 2009 elections. At the European Parliament he served on both the International Trade and Foreign Affairs Committees, particularly on dossiers related to Asia, giving him unrivalled knowledge and networks in Brussels and Strasbourg.

During his time as an MEP, Glyn was responsible for following the free-trade agreement with the ASEAN group of countries, for implementing the Scientific Partnership Agreement with the Republic of Korea, and he was shadow draftsman on the EU-Japan and EU-China trade agreements. Glyn was also a member of the delegation with the Japanese Diet from 1984 to 2009.

In a personal capacity Glyn is a European Board Member of North East Asian Economic Forum (NEAEF) which is supported by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this capacity, he regularly organises informal dinners in Brussels for representatives of the Japanese business community in Europe with MEPs from all parties and European Commission officials.

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