LTG In-Bum Chun

Lieutenant General In-Bum Chun (ROK, Ret) is Vice President of the
Korea Freedom Federation Director of Policy and a former Visiting Fellow at the Center for East Asia Policy Studies of the Brookings Institution after his retirement from 35 years of active duty in July, 2016. His past positions include the chief of the Election Support Branch, Civil Military Affairs/Strategic Operations Directorate of the multinational forces in Iraq, the director of US affairs at the Korean Ministry of National Defense, deputy assistant chief of staff of operations for the US-ROK Combined Forces Command, the commander of the ROK Special Warfare Command, and the deputy commander for the First ROK Army. As one of the most decorated officer in ROK military history, his awards include two US Legions of Merit and the US Bronze Star Medal.

Articles by LTG In-Bum Chun