James A. Lewis

James Andrew Lewis is a senior fellow at CSIS where he writes on technology, national security and the international economy. Before joining CSIS, he worked in the Federal government as a Foreign Service Officer and as a member of the Senior Executive Service. His assignments involved Asian regional security, military intervention and insurgency, conventional arms negotiations, technology transfer, foreign investment and the defense industry, sanctions, internet policy, and military space programs. Lewis received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He has authored more than forty publications on a range of topics since joining CSIS, including: “Assessing the Risks of Cyber Terror and Cyber War,” “Strengthening Law Enforcement Capabilities for Counter-Terrorism;” “Globalization and National Security, “The Limits of Arms Transfer Restraint,” “China as a Military Space Competitor,” “Foreign Investment and Sovereign Wealth,” “Intellectual Property and Development,” “Critical Infrastructure Protection and Cyber Terrorism: Mass Destruction or Mass Annoyance?” “Foreign Influence on Software: Risks and Recourse,” and “Waiting for Sputnik: Basic Research and Strategic Competition.”