Robert Potter

Robert Potter is a Cyber Security Fellow at the Centre for Rule-Making Strategies in Tokyo. He is also the Co-Founder CEO of Internet 2.0, a cybersecurity satellite company which operates in the Asia-Pacific. Robert also holds a Senior Fellowship at the Arirang Institute in Seoul. Prior to this, he was the Head of Cyber Operations at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. Robert is an experienced cybersecurity executive and incident response lead. He has held senior advisor roles in Cyber Security within the Australian Shadow Cabinet and Government. Robert has traveled North Korea and written extensively on their cyber security capabilities. He has also regularly responded to North Korean cyber attacks on behalf of clients. Robert was engaged as an advisor to the Board of the New Payments Platform, a real time SWIFT based payment system deployed by the major banks within Australia. He regularly consults to financial institutions, human rights organizations and governments within Asia on securing their systems from cyber attacks against North Korea. He was also a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University and is PhD Candidate at the University of Sydney.

Articles by Robert Potter