Following Kim Jong Un’s designation of “socialist rural construction” as a top priority objective at a plenary meeting of the Workers Party of Korea in December 2021, North Korean media has constantly reported on housing construction in farming villages across the country. This 38 North panel will review the status, implications, and challenges of these efforts, assessing North Korea’s ongoing rural construction, how it aligns with the new “regional development 20×10 policy,” and things to watch for in the future.


  • Jenny Town
    Jenny Town

    Senior Fellow and Director || Korea Program and 38 North


  • Martyn Williams
    Martyn Williams

    Senior Fellow || Korea Program and 38 North

  • Rachel Minyoung Lee
    Rachel Minyoung Lee

    Senior Fellow || Korea Program and 38 North

  • Iliana Ragnone
    Iliana Ragnone

    Research Associate || Korea Program; Producer, 38 North