Forest Sciences (산림과학 / Sallim Kwahak)

Forest Sciences
산림과학 / Sallim Kwahak
Translation and backgrounder by Stephen Mercado

A quarterly journal of sciences related to forest conservation and management, published by the Forest Institute’s Data Report Office.

Cover of Forest Sciences (산림과학 / Sallim Kwahak), no. 4 (2022).

Journal Title: The journal title has various renderings. Forest Sciences is the name in English. Its name transliterated in the standard McCune-Reischauer (M-R) system and the actual title in Korean are listed above. In North Korean media, the journal’s title is transliterated Sanrim Gwahak.

Author Information: The research papers show author names but lack other information common to science papers, such as academic or professional affiliation, academic titles, areas of research or author biography. Given that the journal’s publisher is the Forest Institute, it would be reasonable to think that many of the authors are affiliated with that organization.

Subject Matter: The articles have to do with the development of various practices and techniques in the establishing, managing, using and conserving of forests.

References: Authors publishing in this journal lean towards domestic sources of information, including the journal 자연보호 [Nature Conservation] and the Agricultural Publishing House’s 2011 book 잣나무 [Pine-nut Trees]. Cited Chinese journals include 中国生物防治 (Chinese Journal of Biological Control) and 林业科学 (Scientia Silvae Sinicae). Among referenced Western journals are Frontiers in Microbiology and Remote Sensing of Environment.

Sections: Each issue comprises a front cover; a table of contents (TOC) in Korean; the articles; the publishing information; a TOC in English; and the back cover. Some issues also feature an inside front page with a framed quotation from one of the three generations of the Kim family. Regime messages/propaganda appear throughout the journal.

A side-by-side comparison of a page of the Korean and English TOCs.

The front cover shows the journal title, under which is the issue number, the year of issue and the name of the publisher. The TOC in Korean, which in recent issues shows a slogan, the title, issue number and year of issue, and the cumulative issue number, generally consists of the section “Research Notes” (연구자료) and, in older issues, “Achievements in Research Work” (연구보문).

Publisher: The publisher’s literal name, in English, is the Data Report Office, Forest Institute, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. [조선민주주의인민광화국산림연구원자료통보실] It is the Choson Minjujui Inmin Konghwaguk Sallim Yonguwon Charyo Tongbosil in simplified M-R and 조선민주주의 인민광화국 산림연구원 자료통보실 in Korean.

The publisher publishes an issue each quarter, starting in March, for a total of four issues per year. According to the table of contents and publishing information page, Issue 2 (September), 2022, the latest issue available, was cumulative issue number 105. The publishing information page also indicated that there was an editorial committee (no members named), the publisher was the Forest Institute, the place of printing was the Moranbong Printing Plant, the date of printing was 5 June Juche 111 (2022), and the date of issue was 12 June Juche 111 (2022). There was no copyright line or International Standard Serial Number (ISSN). The publishing information has shown changes over time; for example, in Issue 1, 2011, the earliest issue available, the site of publication was the Pyongyang General Printing Plant, and there was no mailing address or telephone number.