Members of the  media are invited to attend our press briefings on a range of North Korea-related topics. Contributors to 38 North are leading experts on the DPRK, and cited widely in the media and academic sources.

Citing 38 North
“38 North, a web journal that provides analysis and insights into North Korea

Citing 38 North Contributors
Experts may be listed as a “contributor to 38 North” and by the affiliation(s) listed in their author bio on 38 North.

Content Sharing and Reposting Inquiries
For examples see our work in the Diplomat, National Interest, Defense One, and Foreign Policy.

Please submit inquiries to 38 North.

Satellite Imagery Attribution
Licensing rights for 38 North annotated satellite imagery varies depending on the commercial vendor of the original imagery (see below for specific details). In all instances, 38 North annotated images may not be altered in any way. Unlicensed reproduction and/or the addition of third party branding watermarks is strictly prohibited. All questions or requests regarding the licensing of 38 North annotated satellite imagery should be directed to 38 North.

Airbus Defence and Space
Licensing for 38 North annotated figures based on satellite imagery from Airbus Defence and Space may be obtained directly from 38 North. Please send requests and inquiries to 38 North.

Maxar Technologies
Licensing for 38 North annotated figures based on satellite imagery from Maxar must be purchased through Getty Images and are usually available on Getty’s website within a few hours of publication on 38 North.

Planet Labs
Imagery courtesy of Planet are available through creative commons (cc-by-nc-sa 4.0). Hi-res JPEGs may be requested directly from 38 North.

38 North hosts regular press briefings either via phone or in-person. Briefings are open to members of the press and are on the record unless otherwise stated.

Event transcripts and recordings are distributed to press briefing attendees and are usually available within three hours. The transcripts and recordings are also archived you can view them here.

If you are a member of the media and would like to receive invitations to our press briefings, please send us an email.

To request an interview with a 38 North expert, please contact 38 North.

In your request, please include information about the expert or topic of interest, how you’d like to conduct the interview (in person, phone, Skype, via email) and availability.