Recent Developments on North Korea

Parsing Recent DPRK & US Statements and Assessing the North’s WMD Program

Robert Carlin
Visiting Scholar at CISAC, Former Chief of the Northeast Asia Division in the Bureau of Intelligence and Research, US Department of State
Joel S. Wit
Senior Fellow at the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins SAIS, Co-Founder of 38 North
Joseph S. Bermudez, Jr.
38 North Analyst, CEO and Founder KPA Associates LLC

Campbell HJ Moon
Communications Specialist for 38 North (USKI)

Recent statements by leaders and top officials in the DPRK and US and a report on North Korea’s nuclear capabilities have escalated tensions. Robert Carlin and Joel Wit will parse what’s been said and offer US policy recommendations, and Joseph Bermudez will assess North Korea’s technical capabilities. A Q&A session will follow.

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