Chiew-Ping Hoo

Dr. Chiew-Ping HOO is Senior Lecturer in Strategic Studies and International Relations at the National University of Malaysia (UKM). She is concurrently Council Fellow, Global Future Council on the Korean Peninsula at the World Economic Forum. Her previous research appointments include Korea Foundation Fellow at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia, Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) research fellow, and Korea Foundation Field Research Fellow at Seoul National University. Dr. Hoo’s main research focus is on the Korean peninsula security issues and peace process. She has been providing consultation and conducting research related to major powers’ North Korea policy, inter-Korean relations, and Southeast Asia’s relations with the two Koreas. Her recent works include an edited book volume titled The New Southern Policy: Catalyst for Deepening ASEAN-ROK Relations (ISIS Malaysia, 2020), and a forthcoming co-editing book volume (with Shine Choi & Brian Bridges) on Southeast Asia-North Korea relations. She received her PhD in Politics and International Relations from La Trobe University, Australia.

Articles by Chiew-Ping Hoo