Daniel Jasper

Daniel Jasper is the Asia Public Education and Advocacy Coordinator for the American Friends Service Committee, where he has advocated for diplomacy, humanitarian cooperation and peacebuilding with North Korea and China since 2015. He has assisted and taken part in humanitarian delegations to North Korea and regularly participates in Track II dialogues with Chinese foreign policy experts. Jasper is a co-founder of the Korea Peace Network and leads grassroots efforts across 25 states calling for government support for reunions between separated Korean American families and their loved ones in North Korea, the repatriation of US servicemember remains, people-to-people exchanges, and ending the Korean War. His recent publications include a February 2021 article in Foreign Policy in Focus which makes the case for a new approach to North Korea, and a chapter in a January 2021 Carter Center report examining how to evaluate and improve US-China dialogues.

Articles by Daniel Jasper