Euan Graham

Euan Graham joined the Rajaratnam School of International Studies (NTU, Singapore) in February 2011, where he is a Senior Fellow in the Maritime Security Programme. He is also an Associate Fellow of the Royal United Services Institute in London.

Has is a long-time observer of East Asian security, in academia, the private sector and for the British government. His research interests include maritime security in East/Southeast Asia, South China Sea, Japan’s sea lane security and Korean peninsula security.

From 2004-10, Dr. Graham was Senior Research Officer for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), where he served first as the lead analyst for the Korean Peninsula and Japan, before heading the Southeast Asia and Pacific Research Group. He has served as Chargé d’Affaires at the British Embassy in Pyongyang and acting Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Manila.

Before joining the FCO, Dr. Graham was Asia Editor/Analyst at the risk consultancy Oxford Analytica from 2001-2003. He obtained a Ph.D. in strategic studies from the Australian National University, where he was also actively involved in regional security dialogue, as Executive Officer for the Australian member committee of the Council for Security Cooperation in Asia Pacific. His book, Japan’s Sea Lane Security 1940-2004: A matter of Life and Death?, published by Routledge in 2006, was the first comprehensive English-language analysis on this subject.

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