Nat Kretchun

Nathaniel Kretchun is Deputy Director at the Open Technology Fund. He previously served as Senior Associate Director at InterMedia, and oversaw quantitative and qualitative research projects with a particular focus on Asia and hard-to-access populations. He has designed, managed and analyzed studies ranging from large scale representative national surveys of China to qualitative studies examining digital communication patterns among Uyghur populations. He has done extensive research with North Korean refugees and defectors and is the co-author of A Quiet Opening: North Koreans in a Changing Media Environment and its follow-up report, Compromising Connectivity: Information Dynamics Between the State and Society in a Digitizing North Korea. Kretchun holds a master’s degree in international economics and China/Korea studies from Johns Hopkins SAIS, and a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Oklahoma. He has also studied at Yonsei University in Seoul and Fudan University in Shanghai. He speaks Korean and Mandarin Chinese.

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