Robert Kelley

Robert Kelley is a nuclear engineer from the United States who is currently an associated senior research fellow with the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). He worked in the U.S. Department of Energy Complex for over 30 years, and started his own consulting business after working in defence nuclear programs at Livermore, Los Alamos and having served as the director of the Remote Sensing Laboratory in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was a director at the IAEA in Vienna and has field experience as a chief inspector for IAEA in Iraq, in the evaluation of South Africa’s nuclear weapons in 1993, and the inspections of the vestiges of Libya’s nuclear weapons program in 2004. He recently published evidence of a nuclear program in Burma for the Democratic Voice of Burma. He has carried out IAEA inspections in Libya, Iraq, South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, South Korea, Taiwan, Syria, Tanzania, Pakistan, India, and DR Congo. His practical laboratory experience includes plutonium metallurgy, gas centrifuge design, weapons engineering, nuclear emergency response and remote sensing. He lives in the Vienna Woods suburb of Klosterneuburg, with his wife Kathy, who is a technical translator for the IAEA.