Robert Lauler

Robert Lauler is Daily NK’s English Editor and manages Daily NK’s translations into English, Daily NK’s English page, and the organization’s international affairs. He has worked for many years in North Korean affairs and as a translator. He has a bachelor’s degree in Korean Language and Literature from the University of Washington and a MPhil in Korean Studies from Seoul National University.

He can be contacted at rob.lauler(at)

Selected Media Commentary

BBC – North Korea: Is Kim Jong-Un’s daughter being lined up to take over? (14 February 2023)

BBC – North Korea’s youth snubbing mountain pilgrimage (31 January 2023)

BBC – How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected North Korea? (17 May 2021)

Washington Post – What’s happening inside North Korea? Since the pandemic, the window has slammed shut. (9 September 2021).

Articles by Robert Lauler