Newly Revealed Missiles and a Failed Test

An analysis of recent developments in North Korea’s ballistic missile program and future political implications

Joseph Bermudez
Strategic Advisor of AllSource Analysis, Inc.
Michael Elleman
IISS Senior Fellow for Missile Defence
John Schilling
Satellite and Launch Vehicle Propulsion Systems Specialist, Aerospace Corporation

Joel S. Wit (moderator)
Senior Fellow at the US-Korea Institute at SAIS, Co-Founder of 38 North
Campbell HJ Moon (facilitator)
Communications Specialist, 38 North (US-Korea Institute at SAIS)

All eyes are on North Korea and its WMD program with new ballistic missiles revealed during a military parade and a failed test over the weekend, in addition to the announcement by their vice foreign minister Monday of weekly tests in the future. 38 North experts give opening remarks, followed by a Q&A session moderated by Joel Wit.

Press briefing transcript available here.

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