Nuclearization Debates: What Can South Korea Learn from South Asia?

In this series, co-published by South Asian Voices and 38 North, authors examine critical issues regarding nuclear dynamics and security challenges facing the Korean Peninsula, drawing from South Asia’s experiences. As public support for nuclear weapons in South Korea grows significantly, utilizing the nuclearization of South Asia as a comparative case can provide South Korea with lessons for its own possible nuclear future.

Rabia Akhtar analyzes the evolving nuclear threat posed by North Korea, potential security implications as South Korea contemplates its nuclear ambitions, and the importance of gleaning insights from South Asia to navigate this complex nuclear landscape. Frank O’Donnell delves into the intricacies of subconventional instability on the peninsula, offering valuable perspectives from the dynamics in India-Pakistan relations and underscoring the importance of fostering dialogue and implementing risk-reduction measures to manage regional rivalries. Jagannath Panda sheds light on profound shifts in South Korea’s strategic outlook on becoming a nuclear state and explores potential consequences, trade-offs, and challenges such a decision may present for the South’s immediate neighbors and the broader Indo-Pacific Region.

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