Power Organizations after 6th Plenum of the 8th Central Committee

Political Bureau 


Kim Jong Un  PRES 
Choe Ryong Hae    PRES 
Jo Yong Won   PRES 
Kim Tok Hun    PRES 
Ri Pyong Chol   PRES 
Ri Il Hwan    FULL 
Kim Jae Ryong    FULL 
Ri Yong Gil FULL
Jon Hyon Chol   FULL 
Pak Thae Song  FULL 
Ri Thae Sop FULL
Kim Yong Chol    FULL 
Jong Kyong Thaek    FULL 
Pak Jong Gun    FULL 
O Il Jong    FULL 
Pak Su Il FULL
Ho Chol Man   ALT 
Kim Sang Gon ALT
Kim Hyong Sik    ALT 
Jo Chun Ryong  ALT 
Choe Son Hui  ALT 
Ri Chol Man    ALT 
Kim Song Nam   ALT 
Kang Sun Nam ALT
Yang Sung Ho   ALT 
Ju Chol Gyu    ALT 
Ri Chang Dae  ALT 
Han Kwang Sang  ALT 
Ju Chang Il ALT
Ri Hi Yong ALT
Kim Su Gil ALT



  Portfolio      Director 
KJU  General-Secretary      N/A 
Jo Yong Won  Organizational Affairs      OGD 
 Ri Yong Gil Military Affairs     no
 Ri Pyong Chol  Defense Industry      no 
 Ri Il Hwan  PAD and Workers’ Orgs      no 
 Kim Jae Ryong  Central Auditing Commission      no 
 Jon Hyon Chol  Economic Affairs      EAD 
 Pak Thae Song  Science and Education      no 

Central Military Commission 


KJU  Chairman 
Ri Pyong Chol  Vice Chairman and Secretary of Strategic Weapons  
Ri Yong Gil  Vice Chairman and Secretary of Military Affairs 
Jo Yong Won  Secretary of Organizational Affairs/OGD Director 
Kim Jo Guk  OGD Military Affairs Section 
O Il Jong  WPK Military Affairs and WPK Civil Defense Departments’ Director 
Jong Kyong Thaek  KPA General Political Bureau 
Ri Thae Sop  Minister of Public Security 
Ri Chang Ho  KPA Reconnaissnce General Bureau 
Jo Kyong Chol  Military Security Command 
Pak Su Il  Chief of the KPA General Staff 
Kang Sun Nam  Minister of National Defense 
Ri Chang Dae  State Security Department 


Central Committee Department Directors 

Organization Guidance Department [OGD]    Jo Yong Won  
Propaganda and Agitation Department [PAD]    Ju Chang Il 
Cadres’ Affairs Department [CAD]    Ho Chol Man 
Light Industry Department [LID]    Han Kwang Sang 
Economic Affairs Department [EAD]    Jon Hyon Chol 
Science Education Department [SED]    Ri Chung Gil 
International Affairs Department [IAD]    Kim Song Nam 
Munitions Industry Department [MID]    Jo Chun Ryong 
Military Affairs Department [MAD]    O Il Jong 
Discipline and Investigations Department [DID]    Kim Sang Gon
Workers’ and Social Organizations Department    Ri Tu Song 
Agriculture Department    Ri Chol Man 
Party History Institute [PHI]   Ri Hye Jong
Document Archives    Pak Jong Nam 
Civil Defense Department [CD]   O Il Jong
Arts and Culture [AC] Department    Unknown 
Justice [JD] Department    Kim Hyong Sik 
Finance and Accounting Department [FAD]   Kim Yong Su 
General Affairs Department [GAD]    Unknown 
United Front Department [UFD]    Ri Son Gwon 
Office #39    Sin Ryong Man 
Economic Policy Inspection Department    Unknown 




Political Bureau      Designated Slot
Ri Yong Gil  replaces  Pak Jong Chon  CMC Vice Chairman and WPK Secretary for Military Affairs (downgraded from Presidium to Full Member status) 
 Ri Thae Sop  replaces  Pak Su Il  Minister of Public Security 
 Pak Su Il  replaces  Ri Thae Sop  Chief of the KPA General Staff (upgraded to full membership) 
 Kang Sun Nam  replaces  Ri Yong Gil  Minister of National Defense (downgraded to alternate membership) 
 Kim Sang Gon  replaces  Pak Thae Dok  Central Inspection Commission Vice Chairman and WPK Discipline Investigations Department Director 
Kim Su Gil  replaces  Kim Yong Hwan  Chief Secretary, Pyongyang WPK Committee 
 Ju Chang Il  added    WPK Propaganda and Agitation Department Director 
 Ri Hi Yong  added    WPK Organization Guidance Department Senior Deputy Director (slot restored) 
Ri Yong Gil  replaces  Pak Jong Chon   
Central Military Commission       
Ri Yong Gil  replaces  Pak Jong Chon  CMC Vice Chairman 
Department Directors       
O Il Jong  replaces  Kang Sun Nam  WPK Civil Defense Department 
Ri Hye Jong  replaces  Kim Yong Kwang  Party History Institute 


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