Georgy Toloraya

Dr. Georgy D. Toloraya, is the Director of Korean Programs at the Institute of Economy at the Russian Academy of Science. He is a former Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institution. Dr. Toloraya a professional diplomat (serving until 2006 as Russian Consul-General in Sydney, Australia) and Professor of International Relations and Doctor of Economy, founder and Research Director of the Center for Contemporary Korean Studies, IMEMO, Russian Academy of Science, in Moscow. Georgy is a former Deputy Director-General of the First Asian Department of Russian Foreign Ministry, dealing with East Asia. Previously he served two postings in Pyongyang (1978-1980 and 1984-1993) and as Deputy Chief of Mission at Russian Embassy in Seoul (1993-1998). Georgy authored and co-authored six books and numerous articles, presented many papers on Korean and East Asian affairs at various international fora.